Abby Dorian, RS-82180


Abby Dorian, licensed in June 2019, has a great background for real estate.  You might not think being a vet tech or a Starbucks barista would be included but just think of the many people you meet in both industries and the level of service with a smiling face is required!

Abby is full time in property management and also is co-listed on properties for sale with C.J. and Alice.  Her high energy level is perfect for the job.  She has more than a passing skill in Spanish which comes in handy as well.

Her personal interests include gardening, pro football "Fantasy" leagues, and entertaining family and friends in her home.

Give Abby a call if you have a question or interest in any real estate related subject.  She can always be reached at 808.990.4506 or [email protected]